[Download] Sweepstakes Landing Pages That Convert

The Problem

Do you use spy tools? How’s that going for you? Isn’t it fun, browsing through hundreds of landing pages, being unsure on what works and what doesn’t or coming across some weird code ? that you don’t know how to read or can’t exactly figure out what it does? Is this script a necessary part of this landing page to work? Or is it a hidden redirect injected by a tech savvy affiliate marketer?

Well, I have decided to try and solve some of these issues, especially for a marketer that values their time and money.

The Solution

Below are the top 5 landing pages that have delivered results over and over for my campaigns. Since lately I have been concentrating primarily on Germany as my GEO of choice, these landing pages will be in German, but they do work well in virtually any GEO. If you haven’t already, check out our case study, targeting this exact country. Test landing pages below on that campaign to see if they bring in even more profits! ?

As always, Premium Members will have instant access to downloadable archives, whereas lurkers will have to put in work and do some digging in spy tools of their choice.

Disclaimer: Landing pages are provided for educational purposes only. You are fully responsible for any consequences resulting from their actions and what they learn on this site. As always, confirm with your affiliate network and traffic source any sort of compliance issues that might arise from using this material.
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