Top Profitable Sweepstakes Offers To Run (CC-Submit)

A few days ago, I’ve received this email from one of our readers:

Hi, I love your blog and I am temped to become a paid subscriber but let me ask you a question first.

In your cpa guide you explain how to scale from soi to cc submit and switching from cpc to cpm white list.

This is a great advice but…. to work we need both SOI and Cc-Submit offers absolutely HAVE TO work. And you said… This is not a strategy to finding a converting offer.

The question is how to find good cc submit offers? I can do it easy and cheap with soi – run a campaign and see what works, but with high payout offer this can get really expensive. Any advice?

As I’ve mentioned in many of the other posts, having an offer that converts is absolute key. If the offer doesn’t work, the rest of your funnel is virtually useless.

Once working placements (zones, subids) are figured out using SOI offers, trying to sort through CC-Submit offers using those same placements becomes a lot more cost effective.