Secret Multi-GEO Sweepstakes Case Study ($10,000 Profit)

Campaign Breakdown

Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes
Payout: $20
GEO: Multiple
Affiliate Network: Clickdealer
Traffic Network: PropellerAds, Adsterra, AdCash
Traffic Type: POP/PPV
Tracker: Binom (Get First Month FREE & Second at 40% Off)


This is going to be probably my biggest sweepstakes case study ever. I will explain in great detail how I managed to generate over $10,000 USD of profit last year (2019) in a campaign that is still generating amazing ROI today! This case study may be used as a FREE guide describing “ins and outs” of running sweepstakes vertical on POP/PPV traffic.

Here’s to all the haters that say POP traffic is dead. 😉