[Download] How To Collect Push Subscribers on Any Landing Page

Looking to add some extra profits to your affiliate marketing business? I have something exciting to share with you.

Previously I’ve shared a standalone push collection landing page here, but there is another, sneakier way of collecting push subscribers that can work with virtually any landing page!

Push Collection Overlay Script

This script was custom coded for me and I’m excited to share it with our Premium Members. It’s tested and works perfectly with the OneSignal push subscriber collection service.

Keep in mind, that the CVR will slightly drop, but the difference (and then some) could possibly be made up with broadcasting your own campaigns on your very own push subscriber database.

How does it work?

Once user clicks Allow they are added to your OneSignal subscriber database and will continue with the landing page as per normal. Same thing happens when a user selects Block, except that this time they are not added.

Currently this script only works on Chrome Desktop and Andorid Mobile devices.