AdCash Case Study: Easy Profits With Sweepstakes

Campaign Breakdown

Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes
Payout: €2.65 (3 USD)
GEO: Germany
Affiliate Network: Clickdealer
Traffic Network: AdCash
Traffic Type: POP/PPV
Tracker: Binom (Get First Month FREE & Second at 40% Off)


First and foremost, let me start off by saying that at first I was rather skeptical about launching this campaign on Adcash. I’ve tried this traffic source many years ago, when I was just starting out my affiliate marketing journey, and had very little success with it. This campaign shows that it was mainly due to my lack of experience. I am very impressed with this traffic source and urge everyone to try it.

Even with a proven offer and landing page combo, launching a campaign on a new traffic source would not normally generate a positive ROI right off the bat. That wasn’t the case with this one. Their CPA Goal algorithm seems to work fantastic, driving positive ROI from day one with little to no optimization.